What is Volkswagen engine start-stop?

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How does Volkswagen engine start-stop work and what are the benefits?

You may have noticed that the new Volkswagen car you bought offers engine start-stop, also known as auto stop, as a standard feature. The point of start-stop is to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy. Keep reading below to learn about how Volkswagen start-stop works and the benefits of this feature. 

How does engine start-stop work? 

Engine start-stop is activated when you turn the key in the ignition. It works with your gas and brake pedals. The engine start-stop turns on when you press on the brake pedal, slowing to a stop. At this point, the engine is turned off. Engine start-stop is engaged a second time when you press on the gas pedal. Then, the system restarts your engine instantly, allowing you to accelerate without even noticing a difference. 

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What is the benefit of Volkswagen auto stop? 

The idea of Volkswagen start-stop, or auto stop, may sound controversial to some. After all, why would you want your engine to turn off every time you are stopped at a train, at a red light, or idling in a parking lot? The truth is that all of these situations are wasting your fuel, much more so than turning your engine on and off, which uses virtually no fuel. Lots of myths conspire about vehicle fuel economy, but car manufacturers have tested various methods to get the best possible fuel economy for their vehicles. Rest assured that this will improve your fuel economy. 

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How can I turn the Volkswagen engine start-stop on and off? 

If you still decide that you do not want to use this feature, then you will have to manually turn it off by pressing a button each time that you start your car. We suggest comparing your fuel economy with and without the feature on if you are still skeptical. Make sure that your testing conditions, such as road conditions, driving style, journey length, and weather conditions are the same when you compare. Use the button next to your gear shift, that says “A Off” to turn off Volkswagen auto stop. It will automatically turn on next time you turn your key in your ignition. 

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